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Mary Rose, Chair
Michael Silva, Treasurer
Madelyn Cordeiro, Clerk
Sally Tighe, Annual Appeal
Linda Macara
Robert "Todd" Schwebel
Lindsey White

Katy Ward, Graphic Design


Annette Cyr

Annette Cyr came to Provincetown in 1975 for the summer and quickly fell in love with the Cape. Settling in Truro, she and her husband Adrian opened a seasonal restaurant which they ran for 28 years, while raising their two children, Julian and Marissa. Being here for nearly 50 years has given her a deep understanding, love, and commitment to this special place that we call home.

Annette serves as Treasurer on the board of Highland Affordable Housing, whose mission is to help Truro remain a vibrant community where people of all backgrounds and ages can afford to live. She is also on the board of Earthstar Playschool, which provides much-needed childcare in our area. Presently, Annette works as a finance manager for a nonprofit public health organization, where she witnesses firsthand the transformative power of support and assistance in people’s lives.


Ron Fiese

Ron Friese washed ashore in Truro in 1985 when his family purchased Dutra’s Market in North Truro. He graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science in 1985 and obtained a Juris Doctor degree in 1990 from Syracuse University College of Law. Ron practiced law at the Law Offices of Snow and Snow in Provincetown for 33 years. A former member of the Truro Finance Committee, Ron and his wife Cheryl, a Truro native, relocated to Davenport, Florida in 2019. Ron currently teaches Middle School Social Studies in Lakeland, Florida. 

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Mary Abt

Mary Abt is a retired music professional. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Music Education in Pennsylvania and a Masters of Music Education in Massachusetts (Gordon College). After a fulfilling career in the inner city schools of Philadelphia, PA; Truro Central School and Provincetown IB School she retired in January of 2020. 

Currently, Mary is Director of Music at the UUMH of Provincetown. She is a member of the Truro Board of Library Trustees, Commission on Disabilities, Cable and Internet Advisory, Chair of the BOD of Provincetown Community Television and the Outer Cape Chorale. Mary volunteers time every week to the COA’s in Truro, Provincetown, Wellfleet, and Eastham teaching ukulele.  

Mary has donated years to community service in Truro. Following in the spirit of Dexter Keezer and his daughter Anne, Mary wants to “help and support” the families and citizens of Truro during times of “genuine crises via individual grants.” 

Spread kindness and keep singing, are the words Mary lives by.  

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Barbara Bond

Dr. Bond is a retired Associate Professor of Social Work, Bridgewater State University where she taught Masters of Social Work students and lead diversity workshops and events across campus.  Her interests and research have focused on disparities in health care and on health care needs of immigrant and refugee women.  She has published articles and given presentations on related topics.  Since her retirement, she has been the manager of the Truro Food Pantry and is on the boards of the Dexter Keezer Community Fund and the Truro Council on Aging. 


Nancy Winslow - Client Liaison

A Wellfleet native, Nancy feels fortunate to have been able to remain on the Lower Cape where she raised a family and began a fulfilling career working with children and families.  Her journey first began as a teacher and director of a local parent cooperative preschool.  Following the completion of a MSW degree Nancy worked as a mental health therapist which serendipitously led her to her current and longtime position as Truro Central School’s social worker. 

Along with experiencing the joys of living and working in a beautiful, seaside community Nancy has also witnessed the real struggles that come with residing in a community dependent upon a seasonal economy. It was as a neophyte social worker that she became familiar with The Dexter Keezer Community Fund and experienced firsthand the difference the fund was able to make in the lives of Truro residents. It was an honor, when early in her career at TCS, she was asked to join the board where for many years she has served in the role of client liaison.  She holds Truro close to her heart, as a community whose members exemplify strength, generosity, compassion and resilience.

Grandparents of six, Nancy and her husband Eric are kept busy raising a grandchild.  They are delighted to have two of their adult children make the Lower Cape their permanent home.


Dexter Keezer's Descendants (from left to right)

Anna Bozzo (great grand-daughter), Ted Ladd (grand son), Mary Read (grand daughter), Owen Read (great grand son), Ben Read (grand son), Beedee Ladd (daughter), Anne Ladd (grand daughter).


Missing: Reed Carlman (great grand son), Madeline Carlman (great grand daughter), Emily Read (great grand daughter), Ellery Stein (great great grand daughter)

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