Extending Kindness to those in need on the Outer Cape

Dexter Keezer Fund


Dexter Keezer was a long-time summer resident of Truro who lived here year-round  in retirement after an illustrious career as soldier, economist and college president,  to name just a few of his many achievements. (To read more about Dexter, see his obituary in the New York Times.) He was deeply involved in the life of the community  and believed that every person can prosper, with help and support from others.

The Dexter Keezer Fund was created in 1999 by his daughter, Anne, in his honor for the purpose of  assisting the people of Truro in meeting genuine crises in a timely manner via  individual grants. The Dexter Keezer Fund is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit.

Anne and Dexter Keezer

Anne Keezer Read


Keezer Fund Members

Betty Bingham, Madelyn Cordeiro, Diane Ross, Sallie Tighe, Mary Abt, Mary Rose, Ansel Chaplin, Nancy Winslow, Linda Macara